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[En] Which LinkedIn user are you?


15 avril 2022

3 min

It is not because you are registered on LinkedIn that you are addicted to social networks, and it is not for this reason that you know all the new terms flourishing almost daily, most often Anglo-Saxon and which are used in the marketing world: lead, inbound, endorsement, personal branding, content, hashtag, engagement, post, pod ...

However, you are on the platform, so you might as well understand what LinkedIn can do for you, and how best to use it according to your objectives.

You think you already know everything? You’re in for some surprises!

For you, a non-compulsive and non-obsessive LinkedIn user, we have designed this section, Back to Basics, where you will find, every week, in a synthetic and infographic form, the fundamental concepts you need to know to be an informed as well as an efficient user.

Inbound or Outbound LinkedIn user

Let’s start with the very first question you must ask yourself: are you an Inbound or Outbound LinkedIn user?

This infographic schematizes the behavior of an Inbound and an Outbound user in relation to the other actors present on LinkedIn.


There are two ways for an individual to use LinkedIn: Inbound, or Outbound, two terms that refer to the world of marketing (Outbound marketing, to simplify, is the communication actions of a company towards its potential consumers: advertising, mailing, etc.

On the contrary, Inbound marketing is the communication actions designed to make it easier for consumers who are themselves looking for information about a company, a product, a service: presence on social networks, website, blog, etc.).

Inbound User

The Inbound user uses LinkedIn as a huge phone book with over 600 million names from all over the world. Even if they read their news feed and like or comment from time to time on what they read, the Inbound user creates first and foremost their profile in order to be found: by a recruiter, a company, an acquaintance.This is the case for 90% of users.

But you still have to give yourself the means to be found, and for that, not all profiles are the same, far from it! This will be the subject of our next publication.

Outbound User

The Outbound user is much more active: he frequently publishes posts or articles, is a member of several groups, reads a lot and comments often. The Outbound user not only wants to be present in the LinkedIn directory, but above all to be noticed and to appear as an expert in a given field. This requires constant activity (caution: constant does not mean frequent!) and quality contributions.

Nothing to do with Inbound in terms of time investment. But here again, there are better strategies than others, and a few rules to adopt: this will be the subject of a future publication.

Inbound or Outbound, there is not one use better than the other, it just depends on what is expected from LinkedIn. However, this is not an incidental question, because your strategy and your terms of use of the network will depend on it.

So, take the time to think about what you really expect from LinkedIn, and answer this question: Are you an Inbound or Outbound user?

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